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Populating the Parts

This is a new page for 2023 on which  I look at how choirs that have used Emerging Voices "populate the parts", i.e., allocate boys to the part that as nearly as possible matches their actual singing range.  We begin with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain National Boys Choir singing Oliver Tarney's arrangement of Shenandoah.  I hope to add more pieces and more choirs later.

The NYCGB boys were asked to perform the £5 tessitura test.  This short film, which I made some time ago, shows how this test relates to other aspects of a boy's voice.  

You will be very lucky if you get a perfect range match to any individual's voice, even with the cambiata system. And if you do, it will have changed a month later anyway!  This short article shows how much more difficult it can be with SATB music.

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